๏ ES6 Harmony

What's it good for?

I'm Djulio. The "D" is mute.

Freelance developer and designer.

I'm the grumpy cat of front-end development.

ES6 is where JavaScript is heading.

For better or worst. Some good, some bad there.

This is a whirlwind tour of the better parts.

Ultimately, artifices meant to help write better programs.

I like what it fixes about JS.

But people will screw this up too I'm sure.


For reals. With constructor, super, and inheritance.

Method parameter stuff

Default values, and rest arguments.


Some of it already there in node.js.

It's the process of pulling vars out of things without PITA.

A decent for loop

"I don't always iterate through an array."

"But when I do, I'm after the indexes, not the values"

— No one ever


Probably the big deal.

Compartmentalised bits of codes. It looks shady though.

I'm hoping `Loader` makes it in.

There's a lot more:

Proxies, fat arrow, comprehensions, binary data.

A few of those (proxies especially) are changing.

Trying it out / resources

Check out Continuum and grunt-traceur.

Google "ES6 Harmony". Best resources are the top results.

Protip: give it another few months, and start transpiling.

Gracias for listening!

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Better yet: rant in person.